Zurich Canada Announces New Organizational Structure, Leadership Team


Zurich Canada announced a new organizational structure and team, which is designed to simplify and strengthen the insurer’s go-to-market approach.

“We now have the structure in place to ramp up our support for our customers and brokers in Canada, strengthening our presence in the Canadian market,” said Saad Mered, who was named CEO of Zurich Canada in August. “We’ve also deepened our bench strength in Canada with proven leaders from Zurich and the industry.”
Under the leadership of Mered, the immediate management team of Zurich Canada includes the following members:

Jean Roy, president of Underwriting. Roy has more than 20 years of experience in the insurance sector and is responsible for insurance, risk selection, pricing, offer development and new opportunity incubation, and will also manage the product package offered by Zurich in Canada. Recently, Zurich has been the main actor for Canada.
Greg Irvine, head of the experts. Irvine will continue to guide private insurance companies in Canada. He leads a team focused on delivering innovative solutions to address the challenges facing businesses in Canada. Before joining Zurich in 2012, he held various managerial positions at AIG’s Responsible Responsibility division.
Scott Thomas, Risk Services Manager. Thomas will continue this leadership role. Zurich is leading Canada’s nationwide team that supports key objectives for identifying, evaluating and improving the risks faced by Zurich customers every day.
Alban Laloum, Marketing Manager. Laloum has worked in the insurance industry for nearly 30 years. Prior to this new assignment, Laloum served as a global broker relationship leader for Zurich, responsible for the development and nurturing of relationships with brokers all over the world.
In addition to these roles, the leadership team in Canada will include a head of the property, responsibility and claims to be announced at a later date. All team members are in Toronto.

Iy This new structure creates agility and positions these proven leaders to meet the changing needs of our customers in Canada, Mer said Mered.

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