WTR Launches Accounts Receivable Insurance Program


Waldorf change danger, llc (wtr), an insurance software administrator focusing on change credit score risk, has released receivasure, an accounts receivable insurance software for small- and medium-sized businesses built on an give up-to-end virtual underwriting platform able to processing most quotes in 24 hours.

Receivasure could be provided in all 50 states on an admitted foundation via nationwide. He application is presently available in extra than 40 states, and the remaining states are anticipated to be admitted in the very close to future.
The usage of its virtual underwriting and policy management platform, wtr costs and binds receivasure policies inside one enterprise day, with the exception of a few international submissions.

The receivasure program is obtainable thru specialty coverage agents and can be submitted in 3 ways—home (includes us & canada), export (all non-us & canada receivables) and international (all eligible commercial enterprise).

This system applies to agencies with $one hundred,000 or more in annual sales, which includes organizations looking to do more commercial enterprise on open account terms, groups that export or are in search of to export for the first time and people looking for first-time loans, plus b2b agencies looking to boom their develop price on operating traces of credit score.

The policy includes industrial chance protection for agencies whose customers become insolvent, are looking for bankruptcy 7, chapter 11 or the equal of their u . S . Of abode, are in protracted default and persisted delinquency or are not able to pay invoices. It also offers protection for political threat exposures which includes currency inconvertibility, alternate switch chance, import/export embargo and license cancellation.

Wtr formerly supplied an bills receivable insurance product on a non-admitted basis thru a unique insurer.

Waldorf alternate danger, llc is a stamford, conn.-based coverage program administrator and underwriter specializing in exchange credit threat.

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