Workers Win $1.9 Million Sexual Harassment Settlement with Uber


The cost of Uber Technologies Inc.’s sexual harassment scandal is now itemized: 56 current and former employees who filed claims stand to collect an average of $33,928.57.

In addition, almost 500 female and minority engineers covered by a 2017 class-action lawsuit alleging pay discrimination will receive just under $11,000 on average, according to a final accounting in the settlement of the case that was submitted Monday to a federal judge in Oakland, California.
Claims of harassment and hostile working conditions are calculated according to the severity and duration of the alleged abuse, the existence of supporting witnesses and documents, the effect on the victim, the job title and other conditions of the perpetrator.

On Monday, according to a filing by the lawyers for the plaintiffs, only two people involved in the deal have so far voted, and no class member appealed. A hearing was confirmed on 6 November to confirm the settlement.

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