Won’t there be a new 3-Series GT?


During an interview at the 2018 Paris Motor Show, BMW global development manager Klaus Frochlich said the new X1 and X3 models will make the next generation 3-Series GT meaningless.

Speaking to motoring, Frohlich, G20 generation 3-Series will not be a version of Gran Turismo, he said. “Things are changing.” when we did the GT, we realized that people now want a seating position up there. X1 and X3 give you this chance and makes you feel younger. This segment is under pressure due to SUVs. Segments grow, shrink, there may be such changes. You have to pay attention to these.”

Frohlich also stated that there are already seven or eight versions in the 3-series and 4-series, which does not mean that more versions will be sold. Frohlich “you can release 10 versions, but this is not guaranteed to sell more cars.” quoth.

The 3-Series GT was launched for the first time in 2013. The 3-Series sedan had a longer wheelbase than the F31 touring, and its roof was even higher and its width was even higher, allowing three adults to fit comfortably in the rear seat.

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