What is COPD? Symptoms Of COPD


COPD, i.e. chronic obstructive pulmonary disease that causes the death of more than 2.5 million people each year, and it’s quite dangerous that you need to focus on is a lung disease. The most important symptoms include long-term phlegm removal, cough, shortness of breath and wheezing during breathing.
A study in the United States shows that the size of the disease has reached a point of uniqueness. According to the study, COPD is the third most important cause of death in the United States today. Although there are millions of people with COPD, most of them are unaware of the disease. COPD, which is mixed with ordinary cold-induced diseases as a result of its symptoms, causes very important health problems by reducing the quality of life of the patient with each passing day. For this reason, early diagnosis plays an important role in the treatment of the disease without leaving permanent damage to the lungs.

One of the most important causes of COPD is cigarette smoking, which is one of the biggest threats to human health, according to experts. In the study, the proportion of people who smoke was 25% to 30% more than those who do not smoke. There is no clear cure for COPD. However, the treatment and lifestyle changes under the supervision of a doctor can prevent further increase in the effects of the disease and make the patient feel better than before.
What are the symptoms of COPD?
As we have mentioned in the beginning of our news, COPD is a very insidious disease that can be confused with the common cold and is progressing quite slowly. For this reason, people who show the following symptoms of disease must undergo a doctor’s supervision. The most common symptoms of COPD are:;

Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing.
Coughing too often ( sputum or sputum) )
Wheezing during breathing.
Feeling of pressure in the chest area.
Causes and risk factors of COPD
Is at the root of most disease and also illustrates the use of cigarettes as the most important cause of COPD. Outside of non polluted air, chemical gases are concentrated in the region where you work, or lung disease are among the causes of damage that occur for a different reason.

Smoking and other tobacco products or exposure to smoke for a long time in the smoking environment.
Long-term presence in areas where air pollution and chemical gases are intense.
Genetic factors: people who have never smoked or have ever had lung cancer.
Methods Of Prevention Of COPD
Smoking is one of the most important causes of COPD. For this reason, people who want to be protected from COPD, smoking smoking must be taken out of their lives.

Quit smoking.
Another important factor that causes COPD is exposure to smoke and dust for a long period of time.

Don’t forget the environmental risks.
In some studies, it was found that people who had never smoked in their lifetime were also suffering from COPD. For this reason, if the symptoms of the disease are seen, a health care provider must be consulted.

Watch out for genetic factors.

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