Waymo’s First Driverless Car Service Seen Right Around the Corner


In just a few weeks, humanity may take its first paid ride into the age of driverless cars.

Waymo, the secretive subsidiary of Google’s parent company, Alphabet Inc., is planning to launch the world’s first commercial driverless car service in early December, according to a person familiar with the plans. It will operate under a new brand and compete directly with Uber and Lyft.
Waymo, a new name until a formal announcement remains a secret that remains, the public not disclosed to the public demanded that the plans demanded.

Kendine For almost a decade, Waymo has been working on security and self-driving technology at the core of everything we do,. The company said in an e-mail statement.

A Waymo spokesperson refused to comment on the name of the new service or the timing of the launch.

It is a great turning point for self-propelled cars, but it will not be exactly the “flip-the-switch” moment. Waymo is not planning a fluid media activity and the program will not appear in an app store soon, according to the person familiar with the program.

Instead, they will start in the suburbs around Phoenix, or perhaps tens or hundreds of riders, covering about 100 square miles. The first wave of customers will probably be from Waymo’s Early Rider Program. Riding the Waymos for over a year.

Customers entering the new service will be released through confidentiality agreements, ie they will be free to talk about it, take selfies, and even visit friends and even members of the media. As Waymo adds more vehicles to its fleet to maintain a balance of supply and demand, new customers in the Phoenix area will step up gradually.
The launch of a commercial voyage service will show the end of intense privacy, including Waymo’s programs and generally self-driving research, since Google first started working ten years ago.

Way This brings Waymo really far forward, lilik said Nick Albanese, a smart mobility analyst at Bloomberg’s New Energy Finance. Lar GM is the other leader, and they’re probably more than a year away from doing this. Very impressive. ”
First, there are advantages. It establishes reliability and enables Waymo to build a network of vehicle, maintenance depot and support services that are powerful enough to drive customers away from Uber and Lyft. The first start, according to Waymo’nun service before the service of 80 million dollars in the speed of the riding service in August, according to an analysis made by six Morgan Stanley analyst.

According to analysts, opportunities for licensing truck drivers and technology licensing added $ 96 billion to the current value. These lines will still be under the Waymo umbrella. The new brand, which will be launched in December, will only apply to the riding application application and will mean differentiating it from other services according to a person familiar with the strategy of the company.

Nevertheless, the start of Waymo does not begin. While GM plans to start a similar journey by the end of next year, it is not far behind Tesla, Daimler, Volkswagen and other competitors; each has its own approaches to solving the technological and social challenges of getting people drivers out of the car.
What to Expect in December
When Waymo commences its commercial program, there will be additional drivers in some cars to assist the service and, if necessary, to take over according to the person familiar with the plan. The heavily modified Chrysler Pacifica minivan fleet will attract more than 99.9 percent of the time, based on data from the test program offered to Waymo’s California regulators.

Some people in the Phoenix Early Rider Program said that some volunteers would not go into the new commercial program. Instead, they will continue to test new features and provide feedback to the company. For example, volunteers can buy cars that don’t have a spare drive in ascending frequency.

Waymo’s plan is to plant the seeds of these careless vehicle programs in different subway areas in the US and gradually expand to the outside. It is a careful, almost lean process to avoid the inevitable crashes that can create bad customer experiences and a program over the years. When Waymo’s service becomes a household name in the US, such as industrial giants Lyft or Uber, the company will map and test every detail in detail. Waymo’s turtle approach contrasts with Tesla’s rabbit strategy. Elon Musk’s electric electric car manufacturer is working on a self-driving approach that will move almost simultaneously in the nationwide fleet of hundreds of thousands of cars.

Waymo’s Phoenix program may seem more modest compared to this plan, but last week Waymo received approval to begin testing the cars in California’s Silicon Valley, where Tesch’s Autopilot team was based. Waymo has dozens of self-driving vehicles running in the Alphabet X lab at Mountain View to provide daytime taxi services for employees. The next step will be to start an Early Driver Program based on the Phoenix model and eventually start a commercial program in Musk’s backyard.

There are other ways of measuring the early advantage of Waymo against his rivals. California requires detailed reporting from every company testing the automobiles there, and the results show that Waymo is far beyond the competition of competitors in public roads in the state. The table below shows the average number of miles driven before a person takes control of the car.
How much will it cost?
Waymo is just starting to experiment with pricing models. For now, the program is about learning how to scale driverless cars safely from making money. When put on the market, Waymo will offer easy prices to compete with Uber and Lyft. The appearance of the Waymo app in July by Bloomberg showed a streamlined user interface, along with additional functions of a standard riding experience application, similar to Google’s navigation application.

As Waymo collects more data from the commercial program, pricing can become more nuanced. After the backup security drivers are removed from the equation and they understand how Waymo will be charged for travel entertainment and advertising, analysts expect basic fees to fall.
Does Driverless Cars Really Be?
On the Bloomberg tour of Waymo’s Phoenix in July, dozens of minivans were in and out of an ordinary van in Chandler, Arizona. Waymo has reached almost 70,000 square feet of warehouse size. A handful of dispatchers ran a fleet of hundreds of vehicles and new vans were coming every week.

We can say that Waymo’s commercial program is only a step in the ten-year development program. After all, there will be some back-up drivers, customers will have to wait to join, they will only work in a small geographical area with ideal driving conditions, and it will still take years to become a profitable, independent business.

For the next few years, however, Waymo has reached agreements to purchase a 62,000 plug-in hybrid Pacifica minivan and 20,000 full electric I-Pace SUVs to build its fleet. On the way, there are already test cars with no drivers and ferry passengers, and starting next month, Waymo’s new branded service will begin selling to the first real customers. The age guessing game, which predicts how long the cars will take to drive themselves, has ended. Now a better question: How long will it take to reach me?

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