Volkswagen stops combustion engine production in 2026


The new generation of gasoline and diesel engines will be the last in 2026, and will not produce combustion engines from this date.
“We’re trying to minimize combustion engines gradually, and we’re going to end it completely. Our friends are working on the latest platform for combustion engines.” quoth.

Volkswagen’s electric car attack is ready to begin and when the production model of the ID concept, the company will raise gears on this issue. The hatchback model, which is expected to be named ID Neo, will land on the production line next year.
Even after launching the Volkswagen ID family, traditional motor models will continue to be available even if they are reduced. Michael Jost said that the transition process will change according to the market, and because there is not enough charging infrastructure in some developing countries, even in 2050, gasoline and diesel engines can still be seen on the roads, he said.

In recent days, Audi has announced that it will invest $ 15.8 million in electric mobility, autonomic driving and digitalization. The company aims to develop a range of environmentally friendly cars and offer approximately 20 electric models by 2025. Half of them will be hybrid and the other half will be full electric models.
Despite the huge investment, Audi is still dependent on sister brands in the VW Group at electrification. Together with Porsche, the company is developing the PPE platform for large electric cars. Smaller models, such as the entry-level E-Tron hatchback, will use Volkswagen’s MEB platform.

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