Volkswagen I.D. D. Buzz Cargo Is Coming To Los Angeles


Volkswagen I. introduced in Europe in recent monthsD. D. The Buzz Cargo electric panel van concept will launch the North American launch in Los Angeles.
Concept in this year’s Pikes Peak races I.D. D. R will be used as a support vehicle for the electric racing car and some minor modifications have been made to this end. I. using MEB architecture I.D. D. Buzz Cargo, first introduced in Detroit last year.D. D. The commercial version of Buzz Cargo.

One charge can go 547 km

The electric panel van is expected to start production in Europe in 2022. VW I.D. D. According to Buzz Cargo’s battery capacity, 322 – 547 km electric driving distance, he says. The company will offer two different battery capacity for the new model.

In order to meet daily transportation needs in the city, an input level of 48 kWh lithium-ion battery is sufficient. For customers who want a longer distance 111 kWh battery pack is available.

Both batteries feed the 201 Bhp (150 kW) electric motor positioned on the rear axle. The engine works with a rear-wheel drive system and a single-speed transmission. If requested for the four-wheel drive version Volkswagen will add an engine to the front axle. The maximum speed of the vehicle is electronically limited to 159 km/h.

The large capacity battery can be recharged by 80% in 30 minutes with a fast charge of 150 kW DC. The battery has an inductive charge. VW Transporter with similar size I.D. D. Buzz Cargo is 5048 mm long, 1976 mm wide and 1963 mm high. Axle distance is 3300 mm.

Outside the absence of rear side windows in style terms.D. D. The car has the same appearance as the Buzz concept, and in general it has a smaller glass section. Another difference is a 4.2-inch long rear sloping. The transportation capacity of the cargo section of the vehicle with these dimensions is 798 kg.

A worktop and SMART Rack System for the vehicle for LA Auto ShowD. D. The necessary parts for R have been added.

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