Virginia Museum Workers Act Fast to Protect Valuable Collection in Hurricane Florence


The Durand-Ruel sisters didn’t dress for hurricane season.

The eldest had on a wide-brimmed hat, the kind one would take to a high-society garden party. Both wore white gowns that looked as though their sheerness would go transparent in a mist.
And Juliette Huet was quite shockingly weak. He was standing naked on his back, his eyes fixed on the ceiling, and beams spilled over the top of a glass ceiling window.

The two workers started their portraits through the walls of Norfolk at Virginia’s Chrysler Art Museum. Impressionist masterpieces – one Pierre-Auguste Renoir and one Paul Gauguin – loaded into a car. The nickname of the wheels on the parquet filled the empty gallery.

Erik Neil, the museum’s director, said, en There are two million pictures.

While the hurricane flowed down over the Hampton Roads in Florence, the museum was closed to visitors while it caused ruthless winds and floods. A bus load of 40 people was thrown out of the field, and the staff began to draw valuable works of art that could break apart or hit the walls next to the windows. About 50 canvas moved to safer areas.

Norfolk’s famous art institution sits on the edge of the Hague, a small entrance known for its high tide overflow. A regional federal emergency officer is ahead of fır Zone A bir, a region most vulnerable during a flood or storm wave. Thus, Gov. Ralph Northam’s eviction order includes many other people nearby, as well as the facility.

After the museum was closed, the museum’s designer Mark Williamson and his conservator Mark Lewis headed for the lavender room and set to work. The Countess of Lathom, an imposing portrait of John Singer Sargent, was too big to act, so the staff was covered with plastic gilded edges.
The bronze sculptures in the center of the room are also wrapped with plastic. The artist’s tape grew out of the reel. The crew attached the strips around the protective sleeves to keep them in place.

Throughout all this, Neil remained calm. When he arrives in Florence, he relies on the building and staff to be ”Night in the Museum Floransa.

It helps the collection to be insured. But how much?

Cev I know the answer to that, ab says Alisa Reynolds, who is an associate record. But Neil stopped him.

Unlu I prefer not to say, eder she said with a thick grin. ”Let’s call it a trade secret.“

The museum, which is a tax-free non-profit organization, does not present its collection in public financial statements.

Neil, who has been going to the museum for the last four years, may be experiencing some deja vu. As a time director of the Newcomb Art Gallery at Tulane University, he completed a plan to protect the university’s holdings from Hurricane Katrina.

Just four months before this historic storm, the collection moved to a building outside a basement. Although the gallery was not damaged, there were other libraries and archives in New Orleans. Some of them were sunk, the contents disappeared for mold and mold.

Neil was still annoying – seeing the bare walls in Chrysler – a little spooky, he admitted. That’s not what he was planning to do. Tonight, he was preparing for a dinner with a black tie that would bring together 280 of the museum’s most important aides. No new date has been set for the event.

The museum team rested smaller pieces on styrofoam blocks in interiors. Neil smiled these new maneuvers created.

Nothing remained flat on his back. Lewis is better than when a rogue water drop falls from the ceiling, better than a canvas to create a puddle.

There is no precedent for Chrysler’s storm damage, but there are some close calls.

In 2003, Hurricane Isabel drove floodwaters one inch off the front door of the museum. About 9 feet of water collected in the basement, killing two boilers. Without power, moisture threatened to ruin some of the pictures. A few years ago, after a renewal of millions of dollars, the basement was empty and the heating and air conditioning moved to the top floor.

But the crew has no chance. Sack the doors and set up a flood baggage. When storms are landed, there will be artists and security officials on site including Neil. On Tuesday afternoon, two people carried a canoe to the entrance of the employee.

Il I hope it’s boring, ar Neil said. ”I hope the microwave is about popcorn and old movies.“

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