Veteran Legge Joins RT Specialty’s Transactional Liability, Private Equity Practice


R-T Specialty announced the hiring of industry veteran Jonathan Legge as a senior vice president of its RT ProExec division. Legge will assume leadership of RT ProExec’s Transactional Liability and Private Equity Practice.

He will be responsible for expanding R-T Specialty’s private equity practice and enhancing the firm’s presence in the transactional liability segment.
Legge began his career with American International Group in 1992, moved to the brokerage side in 1996 with Johnson & Higgins and onto Marsh when they purchased J&H in 1997. At Marsh, Legge held various positions including the leader of its FINPRO global private equity practice and while at Marsh, he placed one of the first U.S. reps and warranties policies, according to the announcement. In 2008, he co-founded Vanbridge where he developed insurance products focused on private equity and continued to broker transactional liability programs.
RT ProExec Co-Chair Alex Jezerski, Jr. said that the company has increased the importance of private equity to the economy. “We believe in the market that there is a significant need not only for additional expertise within the scope of representation and warranty, but also for lesser known tax liabilities and loss mitigation costs,” he said.

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