USG Insurance Services Launches E-Cigarette, Vape Store Program


USG Insurance Services Inc. has launched a special e-cigarette and vape store program through its program department Allied American Underwriters.

The program offers a variety of coverage for a wide range of classes, including distributors, wholesalers, importers / blenders, retailers, e-liquids and e-juices, e-cig appliances and accessories, specialty labels and cigarette and vape retail stores. The coverage is in all states N.Y., NY and Ky.

The program has low minimum premiums and does not include full battery exclusion.

For Program Division, Vikey Pierce will be a manufacturer / broker for the Programs Division. Canonsburg, Pa, came out of his office.

This is one of the semi-special and special programs offered by AAU. Other programs include Auto Attractants, Commercial Storage Tanks, Vessel Storage Tanks, Educational Institutions and Religious Institutions.

This move is the latest change the USG has implemented in its nationwide plan to expand operations and provide innovative solutions for the risk management industry.

Allied American Underwriters (AAU) is a program manager that offers programs for commercial lines to USG retail agents and other distribution channels: wholesale and direct. There are four departments: Workers Compensation, Programs, Specialization and Personal Lines.

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