UK, EU Agree on Draft Brexit Divorce Deal with More Hurdles to Come


After more than a year of negotiations, the UK negotiated a divorce with the European Union and entered Prime Minister Theresa May into a dangerous battle over Brexit, which shaped its prosperity for the country’s future.

While trying to maintain the first withdrawal of a sovereign state from the EU, Brussels should try to try, in the most rigorous test of the cabinet-approved treaty, far away from a safe leader secured by the government and its opponents in its Conservative party. By Parliament
Brexiteers of the May party, accused of surrendering to the EU and the Northern Irish party that supports the minority government said they would vote if they questioned whether they would be able to get parliamentary approval.

Eri These very important days and decisions will have long lasting consequences, “said Arlene Foster, leader of the Democratic Union Party (DUP) in Northern Ireland, which holds the government in power.

Unda The prime minister has to win the support of the cabinet and the House of Commons. Each individual vote is counted. ”

Downing Street’s spokesman said the British cabinet would agree to withdraw withdrawal at 1400 GMT on Wednesday, after the Irish and British media leaked details of the agreement in the text.

Prior to the UK’s 2016 referendum, Sterling reached $ 1.50 just before the 52-48 per cent margin on leaving the EU. .

Brexit will enable fear that will serve the fifth largest economy in the world, and the division of the West, both from the unconventional presidency of Donald Trump and from the growing competitiveness of Russia and China.
Brexit fans said divorce could bring about short-term instability, but in the long run it would allow the UK to develop and would allow for deeper EU integration without such a strong reluctant member.

Brexit Sales
A senior EU official confirmed that the draft text was accepted. In a statement from diplomatic sources, EU leaders said that if the cabinet in May approves the text, it could meet on November 25th at a summit to sign the Brexit agreement.

The EU and the UK need an agreement to continue trade between the world’s largest trade block and the United Kingdom, which hosts the largest international financial center.

However, Brexit’s first rival, May, who ranks among the top in the turmoil following the referendum, struggled to upset the lawmakers, who decided to finalize the 46-year-old EU membership or the fate of the divorce agreement without harming trade.

By trying to leave the EU while maintaining the closest possible ties, the May reconciliation plan has upset the Brexersers, Europeans, the Scottish nationalists, the Northern Irish party that supported the government, and some ministers.

It is not clear that Parliament will vote on an agreement. To approve the agreement, the 650-seat parliament requires about 320 deputies. Deeply divided government, party, parliament and country faced.
Brexit Betrayal?
Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and former Foreign Minister Boris Johnson, such as leading Brexiteers, said they would sell England in May and they will oppose it.

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said, em The government’s failure in the negotiating position cannot be delivered to Brexit and is potentially divided into the United Kingdom. Muh

The opposition would reject any agreement that does not preserve the “exactly the same” economic benefits that the EU has now, the opposition Labor Party said, would not be true for Britain.

“This is a vassal state issue,” Johnson said, adding that he would vote against an unacceptable agreement. ”Chuck out“

Johnson’s pro-European brother, who resigned from the government in May, on Friday, called for another referendum to prevent Brexit from entering Britain’s biggest crisis since the Second World War.
With England’s divorce in March 2017, extensive negotiations were started with everything from space exploration and fishing to selling complex financial products and the future of the land border on the island of Ireland.

As the deadlines were over, officials like Britain’s Olly Robbins and Sabine Weyand, a German from the Commission, competed to make a deal at the European Commission’s night-time session at the modernist Berlaymont building in Brussels.

Less than five months after the UK left the EU, the Northern Ireland return sign was the main bonding point.

A non-return is an insurance policy to prevent return to controls at the border between Britain’s Northern Ireland state and EU member Ireland, if a future trade relationship is not accepted at the time.

The British government did not immediately provide information on the text of the Brexit agreement that reached hundreds of pages.

The three EU sources said the rebound would be in the form of customs regulation throughout the United Kingdom and would bring more specific provisions than the rest of the United Kingdom with specific regulations on Northern Ireland’s customs issue and compliance with the EU’s single market rules. Kingdom.

The EU will include a review mechanism to bridge the demand for the insurance policy to be permanently present and to ensure that the UK will consistently refrain from being held in a customs alliance.

The DUP rejected any treaty that dealt with Northern Ireland differently.

(Written by Guy Faulconbridge, additionally by William James, Kylie MacLellan, Andrew MacAskill, Kate Holton and Alistair Smout and Alistair Macdonald and Gabriela Baczynska in London, editing by David Stamp, William Maclean, Richard Balmforth)

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