UK Can Reverse Brexit Process, Rules Top EU Court


The U.K. can unilaterally reverse the Brexit process, the European Union’s top court said in a landmark ruling that will fuel the campaign to thwart the divorce on the eve of a possible make or break vote in the British Parliament.
The Luxembourg Court of Justice of the EU said on Tuesday that it has the freedom to cancel the aforementioned Article of the United Kingdom at any time before leaving the block on 29 March. The verdict decided that he should decide whether to place British Prime Minister Theresa May. Brexit enters a vote and jeopardizes a humiliating defeat that could drag the United Kingdom into an unprecedented political chaos.
According to a 25-member committee, “A member state states that the Council of Europe is free to cancel this declaration unilaterally, as the United States has intended to withdraw from the EU,” he said. The decision cannot be appealed.

Deciding that Article 50 may be revoked, the court will now be seized by hük goalkeepers mahkeme who must decide whether or not to introduce a change to this change. At least, if the agreement in May is pulled down in the Parliament, it may recommend that a second referendum be placed in the EU.

The other side of the coin
Flipside also has clear effects for Brexiteers. Since lawmakers have taken control of the Brexit process last week, concerns have increased among lawyers who envision that the Parliament will try to pull back softly and even try to stop Brexit altogether. On this basis, it may make sense to vote for the deal in May – which will retain closer ties to the bloc because they don’t like it – rather than taking any Brexit risk.

As the UK constitutional crisis played at home, EU judges were asked by a Scottish court to ask an important legal question: Can the United States unilaterally abrogate the letter lar Article 50 esi, which starts every hour on Brexit?

The issue has been legally difficult because the EU is changing the idea that Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty states that the member states have no idea what to do when they say how to begin the process of abandoning the bloc.

The case was with Remain’s attorney Jolyon Maugham and a group of Scottish and British lawmakers.
The decision is consistent with an advisory opinion, which asserts that the entire process can be reversed on December 4, without the addition of conditions.

May’s legal team tried to kill the case. However, Maugham hopes that U.K lawmakers will offer an extra option beyond the ratification of EU membership on the evening of March 29 or beyond the EU.

Legal warning !
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