Uber Driver Charged with Kidnapping New York Woman


An Uber driver in New York City kidnapped a woman who fell asleep in his vehicle, groped her in the back seat and then left her on the side of a highway in Connecticut, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Harbir Parmar, 24, of Queens, N.Y., was charged in U.S. District Court with kidnapping.
Parmar’s lawyer Susanne Brody said, kalıy The presumption of innocence stays with my client. In She told the New York Times in court after the trial.

The FBI said in court that Parmar bought her at 11:30 in Manhattan. On February 21st to go home in White Plato in New York, about an hour away. The woman fell asleep, the authorities said, and Parmar transformed her target into an address in Boston, Massachusetts.

As a criminal complaint was filed on Tuesday, the woman woke up to find the driver gibi touching the top of her chest in underneath her shirt.

The woman reached her phone, she said a complaint, but Parmar took her and continued to drive. The complaint has been filed by the driver, but Parmar refused, asked the driver to take him to the police station.

At the end of Parmar, Branford left Connecticut, about an hour from the east of her home, by Interstate 95. The complaint, she said, memorized Parmar’s license plate and called a taxi from a nearby market.

She later learned that Uber took more than $ 1000 in trips from New York to Massachusetts. Uber said that the amount was later returned.
Federal officials and New York police condemned Parmar’s behavior.

“Nobody – man or woman – should only be afraid of such an attack when hiring a car service,” US Secretary of State Geoffrey Berman said.

Uber said he prevented Parmar from using the practice after the so-called abduction.

Şey What’s reported is horrible and nothing that shouldn’t pass. As soon as we were aware, we immediately removed this person’s access to the platform. We have fully cooperated with the law enforcement and will continue to support their investigations, tamamen he said.

During the summer months, Dara Khosrowshahi, the company’s CEO, was hoping to make the Uber “the safest transportation platform on the planet Şirket. This includes adding a new feature to the application that should alert both passengers and drivers if a car stops unplanned.

The state of Colorado was punished for $ 8.9 million last year and allowed people with criminal records to work as drivers. New York City needs drivers to drive through a license process similar to the license for traditional limousine and car service drivers.

The New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission has announced that it has suspended its Parmar license since December 2015, pending the outcome of the criminal proceedings of the Parliament. Spokesman Allan Fromberg said Parmar’s history of infringement was clear.

The federal authorities also charged Parmar with radio and accused Uber riders of accusing him of having misrepresented his goals.

The complaint stated that he had given ”false information de about the cleaning fee allegedly to be sent to Uber riders at least three times, and also included the woman he had climbed to and left the alleged road.

Parmar later admitted to the FBI that, according to a criminal complaint, she was not vomiting in her vehicle.

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