Tropical Storm Usman Becomes Philippines’ 2nd Deadliest Weather Disaster in 2018


Tropical Storm Usman, which entered the Philippines on Christmas Day, emerged as the deadliest weather disaster for the country this year following Typhoon Mangkhut in September.

Usman, a slow-moving storm with winds of up to 55 kilometers (34 miles) an hour, killed at least 61 people as it triggered floods and landslides and forced thousands to flee to safer grounds.
The storm has displaced at least 17,000 people in the Bicol region, south of the island’s main island of Luzon. At least 57 people died in Bicol, where the Mayon Volcano had an almost perfect cone. The district’s civil defense bureau said in a report that most of the victims were landslides and floods.

The national disaster monitoring agency said 18 more people were missing. More than 6,600 people were stranded in various ports, Cebu Air Inc. and Philippine Airlines Inc. He canceled more than a dozen flights from 27 December to 30 December.

Usman crashed into the waters of the Philippine waters on 25 December and gathered strength as he moved slowly before landing in the central district of East Samar. While the storm is being reduced to a low pressure system, the monsoon rain can still trigger floods and landslides, he said. Each year, about 20 cyclones pass through the disaster-prone Philippines.

Mangkhut, the most powerful storm that was shot in 2018, began to collapse in the Philippines before scanning Hong Kong and other South China regions, which Macau had forced him to suspend for the first time.

During the weekend, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake occurred from the southern Filipino island of Mindanao, where people from coastal areas were asked to move inside.

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