Toyota Raised The Bar In Hybrid Technology With The New Prius


The pioneer model of hybrid cars and the reference point Prius has been renewed… the new Prius’s cover will be lifted on November 28.
Prius, the first hybrid model of Toyota, the pioneer of hybrid technology, has been renewed. Today, with a record of more than 12 million 500 thousand hybrids, Toyota’s pioneering model, Prius, will be exhibited at the Los Angeles motor show on November 28 for the first time with its new features and new look.

In 1997, the first year of production, “the revolution in engine technologies” hybrid Prius’u, which is now 90 countries and regions in the world, and 1 Plug-In Hybrid models are included. Toyota continues its research on fuel types that would be alternative to fossil fuels from the beginning of the 1970s, and continues to advance its claim in this field by continuously developing Prius, which is regarded as a reference point for models with hybrid technology.

In 1997, the Prius changed the world’s perspective on cars and admires innovative technology that does not require external charging. The new Prius features environmentally friendly, fuel economy, equipment and comfortable driving.

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