This Corn Syrup Ad Lawsuit from MillerCoors Is For You, Bud Light


Millercoors, maker of miller lite and coors lite beers, has sued anheuser-busch inbev, maker of bud mild, claiming that bud mild’s commercials that debuted all through this 12 months’s tremendous bowl over corn syrup are fake and misleading advertising.

The bud mild advertisements take millercoors to project for using corn syrup in brewing its beers
Millercoors claims the advertisements mislead beer customers into “believing that there is corn syrup and excessive-fructose corn syrup in miller lite and coors mild to increase sales of bud light.” but millercoors says that while corn syrup is a typically used fermentation aid inside the brewing procedure, there’s no corn syrup in its beers by the point they reach clients.

The grievance, field in federal court docket in wisconsin, alleges that anheuser-busch is deliberately trying to trick clients into questioning the miller and coors lite beers include excessive-fructose corn syrup when they do not. It claims that anheuser-busch itself uses corn syrup in the brewing of busch, busch mild, natural light, and bud ice.

Miillercoors says anheuser-busch is conscious that many customers decide on no longer to ingest high-fructose corn syrup or hfcs, and had “reportedly performed sizable consciousness organization trying out wherein it determined that purchasers do now not understand the difference among normal corn syrup used by severa brewers, along with anheuser-busch itself in a few brands.

Millercoors additionally alleges anheuser-busch is misusing its trademarks.

“ab’s campaign does now not teach customers; it confuses them,” says the complaint.

Millercoors is searching for an injunction to stop bud light from continuing the commercials. It is also soliciting for a trial by way of jury and for the defendant to pay its felony prices.

A spokeswoman for anheuser-busch informed bloomberg news by means of e mail that the millercoors lawsuit is “baseless and could not deter bud mild from imparting consumers with the transparency they demand.”

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