These nutrients are both beauty and healing!


You don’t have to go too far for healthy life and beauty, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Because the food we know very closely can be a source of both healing and beauty. These foods contain vitamins that are vital to our body, while also beautifying and rejuvenating the skin. Some help to weaken. Do not forget to consume these foods regularly.
Apple :Apples, whose benefits have been scientifically proven many times, are a miraculous plant. Apples are very beneficial to the brain and nervous system, heart health, blood sugar balance, cancer protection and bone health protection. Protects cell structure and prevents stress-related cell damage.

It contains vitamins B1, B2, C and E and can be eaten and consumed for smooth skin and applied directly to the skin in various spheres.
Almond :Almonds are very useful both as raw and as fat in our bodies. These benefits include preventing constipation, healing wounds, tiredness, headaches, reproductive tract and kidney inflammations, and regulating blood sugar. It’s good for indigestion.

Almond oil applied to the skin in the prevention of wrinkles, hair, eyebrows and eyelashes in a healthy extension is useful.
Fig : Figs contain a high level of fiber and thanks to this feature it is very useful in helping to solve digestive problems. It contains calcium, magnesium and vitamin K, which are very important minerals and vitamins for the body such as B3, B5.

Food slows down digestion, prevents sugar fluctuations and gives a feeling of fullness for a long time. In this respect, it is very effective in losing weight. It is also very effective when used as a face mask to treat acne.
Apricot : Apricot with high nutritional value is very useful for health. It is also used as an oil for skin beauty while it can be consumed both fresh and dry. The best known benefit of apricot is that it is good for indigestion and accelerates the functioning of metocolizm. In addition, apricot should be consumed in terms of bone health, heart health and eye health protection. It also contains potassium and iron that the body needs. Oil is very useful in terms of skin health.

Apricot oil suitable for all types of skin moisturizes the skin and is used in the Prevention of wrinkles. Hair excessive drying of the skin which cause eczema, is the most efficacious in preventing problems such as dandruff.
Tomato : Tomato, one of the indispensable vegetables of our tables, is a very useful food for both health and skin. Tomatoes contain much more vitamin C than many fruits. This helps strengthen the immune system and increase body resistance against diseases.

Thanks to the lycopene substance found in it, it helps to beautify the skin. Tomato offers a healthier and longer lasting skin beauty.
Potatoes : Most of us don’t know the benefits of potatoes, one of the foods we consume almost every day. However, potato strengthens the immune system, helps to clean blood, lowers blood sugar rate, eliminates atherosclerosis and thus increases the resistance of the body against diseases that may occur.

Potato also helps to prevent cracks in the hands and feet and especially moistens dry skin. Of course, potatoes should not be fried, but boiled or consumed in food.

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