The new BMW M3 can come with manual transmission


The larger BMW M5 comes with a four-wheel drive system and a torque converter, while the new M3 will follow a different path for traditional driving enthusiasts.
According to a report published on BMWBlog, the new sports sedan model will also have a manual transmission option. In addition, the standard dual-clutch automatic transmission will be offered.

To make things even more exciting, another claim is that the car will have options for both rear-wheel drive and four-wheel drive. BMW M may choose to offer two versions of the new model, or xDrive can be added to the four-wheel drive system in a “rear-wheel drive” mode.

If two versions are offered, the manual gearbox is expected to be included in the rear-wheel drive version. In this case, the xDrive version will only come with the automatic transmission. Let us remind you that these are just assumptions until an official statement is received from the United Nations.

In addition to the four-door M3, BMW is also interested in a touring version of the new model. The same engine as the sedan will be used in this version. This is expected to be a 3.0-liter engine with a capacity of 500 ps (492 bhp/368 kW) with a six-cylinder and dual turbocharged turbocharged engine.

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