The Austrian government will allow electric cars to use bus lanes


Owners of electric cars in Austria will soon be able to travel faster on the roads than combustion engines.
According to the Austrian government, the speed limits will be redefined by Legal Regulation. Electric car owners can travel at a speed of 130 km/h in a 440-kilometer-long region in the country. This is 30 km/h faster than the speed limit of petrol and diesel cars.

Austrian Environmental Minister Elisabeth kostinger said the speed limit changes are one of the measures taken to further promote electric cars. It is not yet known whether hybrid vehicles will benefit from this advantage.

In Austria, the speed limit is already 130 km/h, but when air pollution reaches a certain level, it changes to 100 km/h. Electric cars will not be affected by this decline and in all cases will be able to speed up to 130 km / h.

Speed limit change is not the only advantage Austria’s government has to offer to promote electric cars. In addition, electric cars are allowed to drive on the bus lane, and in some car parks electric cars can be parked free of charge.

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