Teaser from the new VW compact pickup concept


Volkswagen published the first drawings of the new pickup concept that will be introduced in Sao Paulo on November 6.
The model, described as an extraordinary pickup, which has not yet been named, combines the best features of trucks and SUVs. The company has not yet explained the details, but the concept will come with an innovative “interchangeable loading area”. This part can be extended by folding the rear panel of the truck’s cabin. It is estimated that this feature is similar to the removable rear case wall used in Chevrolet Avalanche.

The city-oriented vehicle will use the MQB platform and will come with a four-wheel drive system. The company also announced that the model will be placed under Amarok.

Volkswagen has published only one photograph of the concept, but it is understood that the truck has strong character lines, large wheel arches and a high-wall, rounded rear chassis. Full-width rear lamps, silver C column and short roof rails can also be seen.

It is not yet known whether the larger Tanoak concept will be introduced into production. This pickup will be released in Brazil in 2020. Volkswagen said the production version will be no different from the concept and will then be offered in other markets around the world. It is not yet known which markets these are.

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