Surgery, Not Pharma, Is Biggest Healthcare Cost Worry: Gawande


This week, Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase, a surgeon who heads the company to improve the cost of health care services. Atul Gawande said Thursday that the US is the biggest health care cost, and reduce both costs and improve patient care.

Speaking at an annual meeting of the American Health Insurance Plans, a health insurance trade association, San Diego, Gawande said that end-of-life care should add to the patient’s wishes.

Gawande, who practices general and endocrine surgery at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston and calls it a critic of medical practices as a writer, said that some of the focus on high-cost healthcare costs in the United States has been misplaced. .

“Right now we’re screaming about drug costs … and that’s only 10 percent of total US health spending,” Gawande said, saying the patients saw how they were facing a $ 200 drug payment, and that they were standing between themselves and their health.

However, he summarized the way the surgery works with the hospital to standardize procedures with the greatest cost of health care; which in turn led to lower costs and better results.

“We need to act on data tracing … not to see when the treatments are beneficial,” Gawande said.

He also discussed the end-of-life care assessment. “People have more priorities than others,” he said. “We have to ask, but we do not ask. … The result is not in line with our maintenance priorities. “

Gawande emphasized that the health insurance should not return to the coverage period for pre-existing conditions.

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“This is a disaster for all kinds of health care. … Life is the accumulation of chronic diseases, “he said. Gawande said that high reducible health plans designed for catastrophic coverage cause patients to ignore their chronic health needs, which leads to an increase in overall spending.

Trump management issued a definite rule Tuesday to allow health insurance plans that do not fit into the Economic Maintenance Act, which requires compulsory coverage of 10 basic health benefits such as birth and newborn care, prescription drugs and mental health care. Inc., Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced joint ventures in January, saying that healthcare costs have risen so fast and continue to grow economically. Companies said they would use large data analysis and other high-tech tools to improve maintenance and reduce waste.

On Wednesday, Gawande’s choice to lead the new initiative reflects plans to focus on the entire healthcare system, rather than limiting prescription drug costs, as some investors first thought.

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