Study Looks at Multiple Landslides in Minnesota


A study has determined that nearly 500 landslides have happened in the Mankato area in recent years.

Minnesota State University Earth Science Programs Director Phillip Larson with the help of students mapped out the area’s ravines, bluffs, nooks and crannies during the past three years. Their work determined where landslides have occurred, and what areas are more at risk for them.
”Everyone thinks in the hills and in the landslide, and in such a great erosion problem as something in the mountains, right?“ Larson said. Şey This is something that happens in Washington, or in California or Colorado, which is not here. In fact, it turns out that they are much more common than the ones that have happened so far. ”
According to the Free Press, the possibility of material damage due to landslide is small, but the regional scientists believe that these rates will grow every year. Due to increased rainfall and urban development, the clutter in the region and most of the landforms are becoming more prone to erosion.

Inin We can help homeowners not to lose their homes in the future, gelecekte said Missy Kohout, a graduate student at Mankato State.

The Mankato area study is part of a wider state-wide study. In 2016, eight colleges and universities received government grants of $ 500,000 in inventory geological activity in the province. Geologists look at thousands of landscaping errors in the Mississippi River Valley from the Red River Valley.

They hope that the landslide inventory will lead to an estimated landslide arrangement similar to those found in Washington, Oregon and other parts of the country where many hills and mountains are located. Some states have developed precipitation thresholds to alert residents to prevent potential landslides.

Carrie Jennings, a field geologist and professor at the University of Minnesota, said, “We can speed this up and save lives if we warn people about a potential landslide.” S More than just waiting to hear the noise of the night. “

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