Storm System Cancels Flights, Creates Treacherous Driving Conditions in Midwest


A wintry storm brought blizzard-like conditions to parts of the Midwest early Monday, grounding hundreds of flights and causing slick roads for commuters as they returned to work after the Thanksgiving weekend.

The Chicago area was slammed with up to a foot of wet snow, and whiteout conditions stalled commuter traffic on the roads. The National Weather Service said 7.5 inches of snow fell at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and 4.9 inches fell at Midway International Airport.
The Chicago Aviation Office said 809 flights were canceled in OininHare around 10:00 am Monday, after 700 flights were canceled on Sunday. Midway International Airport, where 123 flights were canceled on Sunday, canceled 69 flights from midnight.

Florida, a Chicago native who tried to fly to Orlando, blamed himself for not thinking about the predictions, but continued his humor.

Im I knew it was right around the corner, and I stayed one day and paid the price. So I spent the night here in a beautiful OindekiHare and I had a lot of companies, ird ​​says Mark McCoy, referring to all the other passengers in the travel center.

”This is part of the Thanksgiving travel experience, McC said McCoy.

The storm also snowed and created dangerous driving conditions in parts of the Lower Peninsula in Michigan. Police responded to dozens of collisions in the Lansing area Monday morning. Authorities warned that the roads are covered with ice and snow, and encouraged people to stay out of the way unless they travel.

Further south, Gov. Jeff Colyer declared a state of emergency in the state of Kansas on Sunday that fell from 2 to 14 inches of snow in some parts of the state. The Ministry of Transport reported that closed roads were closed on Monday, mostly in the extreme northeast, but a portion of the Interstate 70, which was closed on Sunday, was reopened.
The National Weather Service said it fell 3 to 9 inches in northern Missouri on Sunday. The Missouri State Highway Patriarch reported multiple fender benders, but said all roads were opened by Midmorning on Monday. Flights caused widespread delays in the storm after a day at Kansas City International Airport on Monday.

Most of Nebraska and the southern half of Iowa were covered with snow and ice early on Monday even after the storm passed through these provinces. Many states and US highways were impassable in Nebraska, but traffic continued in Interstate 29, southwest of the state of Iowa, and a snowstorm in the Interstate 80 west of the state.

Roads were worried in the early hours in northern Indiana after about 2 inches of snow falls, and more in the afternoon.

The southeastern parts of Wisconsin, just north of Chicago, received a stunning blow with about 9 inches of weather and snow from the storm.

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