State Insurance Regulators Elect Maine’s Cioppa President of NAIC for 2019


State insurance regulators have elected new officers of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The following officers will assume their duties on Jan. 1, 2019:

President: Maine Insurance Superintendent Eric A. Cioppa. Cioppa joined the Maine regulatory bureau in 1988 as a statistician then served as supervisor of the workers’ compensation section prior to becoming deputy superintendent in 1998. He was unanimously confirmed as superintendent in September 2011 and in January 2017 he was reconfirmed to serve another five-year term.
President-elective: South Carolina Insurance Director Raymond G. Farmer. The farmer was first employed in 2012 as Gov. Appointed by Nikki Haley. He has over 40 years of experience and worked as an insurance agent at the Georgian Insurance Department. President of the American Insurance Association.
Vice President: Hawaii Insurance Commissioner Gordon Ito. Ito, Gov. He has been appointed as a member of the Hawaii Insurance Division as of 1 March 2015 by David Y. Ige. Previously Gov. Linda Lingle (July 2010) and Gov. Neil Abercrombie (January 1, 2011). Prior to making an appointment, Ito has served as an insurance broker for the chief assistant since 2000. Before that, he worked as supervisor personnel lawyer between 1993-2000.

Secretary-Treasurer: Idaho Insurance Director Dean L. Cameron. Cameron, Gov. C. L. ”Butch ch Otter. He started working on June 15, 2015. Cameron is a former state legislator for 13 terms, including eight as an insurance agent and chairman of the Senate Finance Committee.

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