Sompo International Taps Pillion to Lead New U.S. Environmental Insurance Unit


Sompo International Holdings Ltd., a Bermuda-based specialty provider of property and casualty insurance and reinsurance, has established a new business unit to extend environmental liability insurance capabilities to a wider range of industries in the U.S. market.

Sompo International will offer tailored monoline environmental liability coverage programs on a primary or excess basis for insureds interested in expanding their insurance relationship with Sompo International.
The products shall include a comprehensive Site Environmental Value Minority Liability insurance policy, which shall include eight different coverage areas, which may be purchased alone or in full The additional capacity will provide an environmental extreme form of follow-up product.

Josh Pillion, senior vice president of Environmental Products at Sompo International, will lead the expansion of the company’s environmental responsibility capabilities. The new unit will be complemented by the company’s private insurance companies, additional insurance companies in line with the company, risk control and professionals claiming rights. US Insurance teams. The products will be distributed through a network of specific environmental brokers in the US retail network of Sompo International and through selected dedicated wholesale brokers.

Sompo International Holdings Ltd. is a global provider of property and accident insurance and reinsurance companies located in central Bermuda. Sompo International, through its affiliated subsidiaries, writes lines of agriculture, professional lines, property, sea, energy, accident and other private insurance and disaster, property, casualty, professional lines, weather risk and special reinsurance insurance lines. Sompo International companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of Sompo Holdings, Inc.

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