Settlement Reached in New York Kayak Drowning Case


A lawsuit settlement has been reached in a New York kayak drowning after the victim’s fiancee served prison time for criminally negligent homicide.

The family of Vincent Viafore had filed a wrongful death lawsuit to prevent Angelika Graswald from collecting $491,000 from his life insurance policies.
Alla Rappleyea’s lawyer, Viafore’s family, confirmed that she settled in Times Herald-Record. He said the conditions were confidential.

Graswald was found guilty at the Orange County Court and remained behind bars for about three years.

The prosecutors said they had removed an evacuation tapestry from the Viafore seaside shoreline before arriving in the Hudson River in April 2015. The defense said Viafore’s death was an accident that caused high waves, cold water and alcohol.

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