Saudi Women Finally Hit the Road as Driving Ban Ends


They made their way out of the celebration packs, celebrating cheerfully and cheerfully.

The young people gathered for gawk on the main boulevard of Riyadh. Men have told their jokes how lucky they are to drop their profits into chauffeurs.

Saudi Arabia’s legitimate ban on driving cars for women ended with a mixture of excitement and excitement early on Sunday, as women mobilized the capital’s streets. The government said more than 120,000 women were on license applications and that they had a handful of waiting lists of driver schools serving women.

“In the end, I mean” equal “, he said. Norah Albaiz, 21, after going to Starbucks behind her father’s steering wheel of Toyota Land Cruiser. “We go there. Nothing can stop me now. “

In the conservative Islamic kingdom in the conservative Islamic kingdom, Tajik Prince Muhammad bin Salman promises to end up as part of a plan to open the oil-dependent economy and loosen social constraints – along with politically cracking.

Rights activists imprisoned
While encouraging the end of the ban as a sign that women’s rights are advancing, the government has been arrested for national security reasons last month, including the warriors of the country’s most important women’s rights advocates – which will last for years. Women also do not want to get a driver’s license, but they do not want the approval of male parents to travel or marry.

Nevertheless, the mood of the people was greatly enthusiastic on Sunday, because women have long enjoyed the simple freedom they have rejected. Their music fizzled out of the open windows and muttered each other. Police officers gave flowers to female drivers. Billionaire investor Prince Alwaleed bin Talal shared a video legally for the first time her daughter watched.

From Albaiz’s Land Cruiser’s back seat, Lena Altamimi said, “the heart explodes.”

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“Many people claim that collecting is not ready because people have a sense of a certain country that will not only enter the budget,” said Altamimi, 21. “Seeing that the same community celebrates the women who lived yesterday is a sign that today and today the Saudis are ready and slowly but surely transformed.”

The Tadawul All-Share Index rose 1.76% on Sunday, partly by the insurance sector, allowing more drivers to travel.

‘Wait forever’
At least in the early stages, the new right will reach most privileged women with foreign licenses, most of whom are studying or working abroad. It will take time for change to turn into less wealthy or more conservative households. Some are found in the warning that this particular breach may pull down the road leading to the gathering. Some women say they never want to drive, others say they will wait, they worry that they will encounter harassment.

Albaiz said: “This week, an old woman told me not to wait for me. “If we all expect, we will wait forever.”

He said he was planning to buy his own car. He started reading an Arabic plate in his heart, Arabic, “Get out of the way.”

For other women, like Jawaher Alshohail at the age of 28, at the end of the day it was a chance to perform ordinary tasks independently. And there was nothing out of the ordinary when she went to the airport to get her sister in a brown Porsche Panorama.

Your cousin Bashayer, saying “you left the gun”, “I can not let go of your smile.” Said. “I feel like celebrities.”

A woman waved on the edge of Cadden. When they passed through a security checkpoint, the police officer who ruled him made a fortune to behave normally and his face was strangely frozen. Alshohail said that he noticed many men who sometimes smiled and politely ignored, sometimes hiding a smile.

Then when they left the airport with his sister, another officer stopped his car. Alshohail stopped, rounded his window.

“Congratulations on the ride,” she grinned.

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