Safety Probe of Tesla Crash Cites Battery Fire Risk


The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) announced on Tuesday a preliminary rapporteur that Tesla Inc., located in Florida in a lethal high-speed collision on May 8th. model was reinstated twice after the firemen turned off a fire in the electric vehicle.

Raporda stated that the car was traveling 112 miles (187 km) a hour before hitting a metal light pole. The NTSB said that the Fort Lauderdale Fire Fighting Vehicle was fully flammable and turned off the vehicle fire using 200-300 gallons (750-1.1100 liters) of water and foam.

Raporda stated that during the removal of the vehicle from the scene, the battery was re-ignited and turned off quickly. “When they were in storage, the battery shook again and again,” Raporda said, and quickly quenched.

Tesla refused to comment on the report, but said that his vehicles produced fewer fires than gasoline-powered vehicles.

It has been reported that other accidental Tesla battery packs have been reigned in California, including after a fatal Tesla accident in March.

In California, five days after the battery was destroyed, it reigned in an extermination party and extinguished by the San Mateo Fire Department.

The NTSB will also include investigating the Florida accident, which caused two genetic deaths in the car “to extinguish the battery fire and examine the procedures used to dismantle and save the car accident”.

Tesla is designing that vehicle battery packs rarely cause serious damage and that the package will be deployed more slowly than a gasoline vehicle fire in the event of a fire. Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said, “There should be no doubt that it is safer to power an automobile with a battery more safely than a highly flammable liquid.”

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NTSB was sending a technical expert to examine Tesla’s battery fire investigation in West Hollywood, California, the week after the actress Mary McCormack’s husband’s Tesla burning flame was broadcast. Nobody was hurt.

The NTSB said Tesla shares information about the West Hollywood incident. Tesla said he was investigating.

Earlier this year, NTSB confirmed that it had investigated a August 2017 Tesla battery fire in Lake Forest, California after losing an owner control and riding in the car garage.

NTSB and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration are investigating several crashes involving the use of Autopilot, Tesla’s driver assistance system, including a fatal accident in California in March.

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