Roundup Weed Killer, Not Hepatitis, Caused Plaintiff’s Cancer, Argues Lawyer


A legal professional representing a man who claims bayer ag’s roundup weed killer triggered his most cancers advised jurors to assume the scales of justice ever so slightly tilted in his favor, as though weighted through a feather, and said that could be enough to enhance his trial to the following and final segment.

“this isn’t like those suggests on tv wherein you have to be convinced past an affordable doubt,” aimee wagstaff, an lawyer for edwin hardeman, told jurors in the course of remaining arguments tuesday.
Roundup, no longer hepatitis, induced hardeman’s most cancers, his attorneys argued at a vital juncture within the employer’s second u.S. Trial over the famous herbicide. Hardeman’s exposure to roundup “was a actual element, it doesn’t ought to be the most effective purpose” of his cancer, wagstaff stated. “it doesn’t must be the most effective purpose of his damage,” even though they decide hepatitis “may have performed a position,” she delivered.

The final results of the trial under way in federal court docket in san francisco has implications for hundreds of similar instances filed across the u.S. Jurors started out considering tuesday within the first segment of a -part trial after each sides provided their final arguments in the case. Jurors’ first obligation may be to decide whether or not hardeman’s exposure to roundup become a “large thing” in causing his non-hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Bayer argues that the hepatitis hardeman suffered for many years is the number one motive of his sickness. If the jury agrees with the employer, the trial is over. If no longer, the trial advances to a second phase to determine bayer’s legal responsibility and damages.

Brian stekloff, a attorney for bayer, attacked wagstaff’s analogy that the jury ought to make a selection based on a feather’s weight of difference.

“we didn’t begin at 50-50, we began at zero,” stekloff told jurors. “they started at zero and have the burden of proof” to demonstrate that hardeman’s most cancers was much more likely than not caused by roundup.

Stekloff reminded jurors of hardeman’s medical information displaying he had cirrhosis of the liver because of hepatitis c but brought that they shouldn’t view the case as “roundup as opposed to hepatitis c.”

“there’s no manner to know what brought on his non-hodgkin’s lymphoma” stekloff stated, highlighting the testimony of medical doctors, one in all them a cross-tested witness for hardeman, to support his argument.

Hardeman, 70, sprayed greater than 6,000 gallons of roundup, in line with wagstaff, a number of it blended from focused components, for 26 years on weeds developing over his large plot of land in sonoma county, california, approximately 60 miles north of san francisco.

“that’s a whole lot of roundup,” wagstaff said.

The choice can have ripple consequences past hardeman’s case. Bayer says eleven,2 hundred u.S. Plaintiffs have sued the corporation in state and federal courts over claims roundup induced their cancer. Hardeman’s fit is the second to go to trial and can be the primary jury verdict in federal courtroom, after bayer closing year misplaced what ended up being a $seventy eight.6 million verdict in country court docket in california.

Hardeman’s case serves as a bellwether for 765 comparable cases filed in federal courts throughout the u.S. And accrued earlier than u.S. District choose vince chhabria in san francisco. The decide’s rulings will shape those instances as they visit trial, and the outcome of hardeman’s trial is being watched with the aid of traders as an indication of whether the enterprise will keep to combat the lawsuits or pass in the direction of a settlement that analysts estimate ought to fee $5 billion.

The jury, reduced to 5 girls and one guy after others had to give up, ought to reach a unanimous verdict for hardeman to win.

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