Record-breaking hurricanes cap above-average year: AIR Worldwide


According to a Thursday briefing published by AIR Worldwide, there was a storm above average in the 2018 hurricane season and hurricanes Florence and Michael broke a record along the way.

The Boston-based disaster modeler also presented the modeled estimates of the two storm losses.

AIR’s industry view, Florence’s hurricane hurricane wind and storm losses from $ 1.7 billion to $ 4.6 billion, he said.

The commercial loss of this loss was 22%, housing loss was 74% and automatic loss was 4%.

In contrast, commercial losses estimated 39% of AIR’s wind and storm surge estimates from $ 6 billion to $ 10 billion for Hurricane Michael. continue to evolve. ”

The 2018 hurricane season was one of above average activity and a record-breaking rain.

Eric Uhlhorn, a global scientist at AIR Worldwide Worldwide, said he saw 15 tornadoes during the 2018 hurricane season, over 30 in the 30-year-old average, and 8 hurricanes in the hurricane above the 30-year-old average.

Among other notable firsts of 2018 is the Hurricane Michael, the Florida Panhandle, as well as the first category 4 storm that hit the strongest.

This is also the first time the United States recorded the collapse of three Category 4 storms over a two-year period, he added.

Hurricane Florence, which should not be left out, emerged as a record rain creator in both state registrations, 35.93 inches in North Carolina and 23.63 inches in South Carolina, both found in state registration.

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