Proposed opioid-crisis law has elements that would affect comp


President Donald Trump is expected to sign into law a comprehensive bipartisan bill that aims to tackle the opioid epidemic in the United States.
Both the Senate and the House of Representatives approved their own versions of the Opioid Crisis Intervention Act in September and June, respectively. On September 25, the two legislative bodies reached an agreement that revealed the details of the large package aimed at overcoming the crisis, from packaging, packaging and prescription of opioids to prevention and treatment efforts.

The bill contains a language to provide states with funds to share information on prescription drug monitoring programs. This is because in 50 states there are such databases and explains the federal Food and Drug Administration’s authority to require the packaging of some opioids. According to a 20-page chart of proposed laws in the US Senate Committee on Health Education, Labor and Occupational Health, a three- or seven-day supply in a blister package allows the use of only a certain amount, such as the road, and the Pension website.

Other factors that will affect the labor system system are the increase of research and education dollars to help develop opioid alternatives to manage pain according to the bill.

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