Philippine Flooding Kills at Least 6, Displaces Many Thousands


At least six people died and tens of thousands fled their homes as monsoon rain triggered flooding in the Philippine capital and nearby areas, reminiscent of the deadly Typhoon Ketsana nine years ago.

About 1.1 million people have been affected by the weekend rain, with 59,100 of them moved to safer ground, the disaster monitoring agency said. President Rodrigo Duterte’s scheduled aerial inspection of flooded areas this afternoon was canceled because of the weather, his communications team said.
Authorities shut down schools in Metro Manila and other areas of the main island of Luzon but keep financial markets open. The five dams of Adan have opened their doors for weeks, and according to the air bureaucracy, the waters may have worsened. The judiciary took the business in the capital after the lunch on Monday.

Authorities said at least four people were killed in the capital region, and both in Zambales and Benguet’s northern provinces. More than 35,000 people have been evacuated together with 482 inmates in Rizal province.

Monsoon rains developed by recent storms in recent weeks displaced about 400,000 people according to the disaster monitoring organization. The Philippines, which is among the most disruptive countries in the world, has about 20 cyclones last year from the Pacific Ocean.

In September 2009, Ketsana gave a one-month more rainfall to the capital region within a month within a maximum of 40 years. According to government data, Ketjena was affected more than 4.9 million, killing at least 462 people and damaging 11 billion pesos ($ 206 million).

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