Pennsylvania Urges Proper Coverage for Home-Based Businesses


Pennsyslvania Insurance Commissioner Jessica Altman encourages small business owners to have a proper coverage and to know how to file a lawsuit after storm damage.

“Many Pennsylvania businesses pull businesses out of their homes, but many may not have the insurance coverage they need to protect their investments and revenues,” a press release issued by the Pennsylvania Insurance Department said.

In a survey conducted by Independent Insurance Agencies and American Brokers, it was found that about 60 percent of the surveyed home-based businesses did not have the appropriate job insurance coverage.

Altman stated that home business owners should not trust their home’s coverage to protect their business. The Pennsylvania Department of Insurance has noted that the policies of many landlords cover only $ 2,500 for damages to commercial property. Host policies may not provide guarantees for losses that are lost due to damage at home or the theft of a customer’s personal data if a customer or employee damages home business property.

There are many other questions that home-based business owners should consider when deciding on the coverage needed to protect their business. Altman stated that if the customer visits the house or equipments, the work equipment or inventory is released, including whether it is stored at home. if driving to home or vehicles.

“I encourage home-based business owners, equipment, furnishings and everything used to run the business, then consult with an insurance specialist to make an informed decision about what protection is necessary,” Altman said.

The Insurance Department also issued clues to the owners who suffered from a storm.

Altman said, “As soon as the business owners damage their property from a storm, they should follow the insurance company’s instructions and keep a record of who they talk to as soon as possible with the insurer.” Said. “Also keep all receipts and provide all the necessary information to prevent the insurance company from delaying a compensation payment.”

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The Pennsylvania Insurance Department also advised business owners to take pictures or damage before they start cleaning or repairing. Business owners have stated that they must follow the losses of property owned by others, but they must follow the care, supervision or control of the business, loss of business loss and extra costs caused by the claim.

Altman said the company owners should make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage, but the insurance company should not make any permanent repairs before checking the damage and approving the repairs. He also noted that property owners should not be in a rush for disputes and be ready to meet their insurers if the repair estimates are different.

If a claim is rejected, the business owner must observe his policies and may appeal to the claims manager of the insurance company. Business owners can also contact the Department of Consumer Services of the Insurance Department.

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