Pennsylvania Gas Liquids Pipeline Owner Agrees to Safety Study, New Fine


The heavily fined owner of natural gas beverages pipelines throughout southern pennsylvania is agreeing to any other $two hundred,000 first-class and a have a look at on risks to the mariner east 1 pipeline.

Lawyers for a subsidiary of texas-based power switch lp submitted the office work wednesday to the country public software fee, whose individuals must approve a proposed agreement with employer enforcement legal professionals before it will become very last.
The case stems from a 2017 leak in berks county on a segment of corroded pipeline. The have a look at have to encompass an analysis of corrosion, structural issues and other threats to the Thirties-era pipeline.

Power switch’s mariner east 1, 2 and 2x initiatives are blamed for polluting waterways in dozens of places and causing sinkholes close to homes. Pennsylvania’s environmental regulators halted electricity switch’s production lets in and prosecutors are investigating the initiatives.

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