Parts of Northern New England Hit with Heavy, Wet Snow


More than 6 inches of heavy, wet snow fell in parts of northern New England on Tuesday in one of the first significant snowfalls of the season.

Caledonia and Essex counties in northeastern Vermont reported 4 inches to 7.5 inches, while Maine’s highest accumulation of 7 inches was in Sangerville, about 45 miles northwest of Bangor. Lancaster, New Hampshire, had 5 inches. Mixed precipitation hit southern New England.
Edi Heck yea Mother Nature! Inç The Burke Mountain ski region said on Tuesday morning that the 6-inch belly is already in place. ”This winter air consultation is calling 6-8 inches and is definitely sending.“

The holiday was scheduled to open on December 1, but the last snowfall could have allowed earlier.

In Sharon, Vermont, snow, ice and slush gathered Tuesday’s traffic together. A passenger died after a car and truck truck collided in snowy conditions. According to the WPTZ, a car in Newbury lost control and left the school bus at the back end. Five students were taken to hospital.

The Vermont state police said he responded to more than 75 downs and slides from midnight to afternoon. In most cases, no injuries or minor injuries were reported.

As the southern and coastal areas were mostly rained as storm, Gray, Maine National Weather Service meteorologist Derek Schroeter said Tuesday afternoon.

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