Opel will recall 100,000 cars under diesel investigation


The German Ministry of Transport asked Opel to recall nearly 100,000 cars.
Authorities in Europe, Opel Cascada, Insignia and Zafira diesel versions of the illegal software detected, they said.

The recall decision came shortly after Opel’s headquarters in Russelsheim, Germany was examined by the authorities. Opel explained that prosecutors from Frankfurt have also examined the factory in Kaiserslautern.
Opel had previously agreed that their cars were equipped with programmed engine control units to shut down at certain temperatures. The car manufacturer claims that this practice is entirely in line with the law.
Germany’S KBA motor vehicles agency found four different software manipulating emissions in Opel’s cars in 2015. The company was asked to remove these software by updating.
When the fifth software was released in early 2018, the KBA decided it was illegal and the investigation was deepened. In a statement from the KBA, the said software is located in Cascada, Insignia and Zafira cars were asked to be recalled.

Police raids and recall news coincided with a successful period when Opel began to recover itself. Opel, owned by the PSA Group, started to profit again for the first time in 20 years a few months ago. The company announced operating profit of $ 581 million for the first half of 2018.

To compare, in 2016, when General Motors was under construction, Opel was hurt by $ 297 million.

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