Ohio Village Has 10 Years to Refund Drivers in Traffic Camera Case


A judge will allow an Ohio village 10 years to refund an estimated $3.2 million collected from drivers for speeding citations from automated camera.

New Miami’s automatic camera enforcement was ruled unconstitutional in 2014. Butler County Judge Michael Oster later ruled the village must pay back about 33,000 drivers who paid fines under that system.
Hamilton-Middletown Journal-News reports Oster recently allowed New Miami to pay interest and plus interest over a 10-year period.

The police are now using hand cameras according to state laws that require an officer to be present during camera operation.

Josh Engel, one of the drivers’ lawyer, said he was considering appealing for 10 years.

New Miami’s external consultant argued that the return of drivers at once would have a devastating impact on the village.

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