Obstacles to May’s Brexit Deal Can Be Overcome with EU Clarification: UK Minister


Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal can be passed by the British parliament if the European Union provides clarification that the Northern Irish “backstop” will be temporary, foreign minister Jeremy Hunt said on Friday.

The backstop is an insurance policy designed to prevent the return of border checks between Ireland, an EU member, and British-ruled Northern Ireland. It is proving the biggest obstacle to a divorce deal between Britain and the EU.
He may vote for a divorce agreement earlier this month after he acknowledges that the parliament will reject it. Lawmakers were scheduled to see the agreement again next month, and a vote was held weekly from January 14th.

Parliament is deeply divided by both supporters and opponents of Brexit, which opposes May’s agreement and aims to establish close relations with the EU.

Britain is expected to leave the bloc on 29 March and has increased the likelihood of not making a deal with Brexit, leading to a second call for a referendum.

He said that if the EU clearly reveals that “return” in Ireland will be limited over time, May’s withdrawal agreement could be passed by lawmakers.

Critics feared that the return process would capture the UK indefinitely with a customs union, while European leaders said they would not renegotiate the agreement.

Hunt, BBC radio, “Hunters, Hunt, then the parliament can live with it,” he said. ”We can achieve this (agreement), we can definitely do it.“
If the mine’s agreement fails, the senior ministers are divided by what they should be. While some suggest that another referendum should be considered, others, including Hunt, prefer an refer unmanageable önünde Brexit. He says that no option is appropriate.

Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the opposition Labor Party, said he should recall the early parliament to allow May to vote on the Brexit agreement, and warned that his party is a matter of “no time” when he is trying to force a vote by proposing a vote. distrust

Deputies (7 deputies) did not have to return until 7 January, and Corbyn said the government used the delay as a maneuver it used to press parliament to put Brexit at risk if he accepted the agreement or not to sign the agreement.

In I suspect that it is a purely cynical maneuver to run the clock and offer the choice of the devil or the deep blue sea to the deputies,. Corbyn said in an interview with the Independent.

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