NYC Mayor Signs Bill Capping New Ride-Hail Licenses


New York City, the largest American market for Uber, has become the first U.S. city to regulate the growth of app-based rides.

Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio on Tuesday signed a bill placing a temporary cap on new licenses for a year, with the exception of wheelchair accessible vehicles.
The City Council approved a package of bills containing a moratorium while looking at the rapidly changing industry. The legislation would also allow the city to set a minimum wage for practitioner-based drivers.

“We are on the move for the benefit of more than 100,000 hard-working New Yorkers who have earned a fair number of jobs, and we will stop the sale of new vehicles when we are driving our streets,” Blasio said.

The supporters of the proposals said that both the traditional yellow taxi industry and the drivers of application-based services see it as a rental vehicle for the streets of the city. They say that the growth of horseback riding practices has also worsened traffic congestion.

“Today in New York, tens of thousands of immigrants are taking a break from the economic bleeding that leaves chaos and despair from the family,” the New York Taxi Workers Alliance said on Tuesday.

The defensive group said, “Uber and Lyft flooded the waterways and” drive income in all sectors was on a downward spiral. ” “Emergency door of new for-rent vehicles put an end to this. Now, yellow taxis, green taxis, black cars, shine, Uber and Lyft drivers can give hope for stability at the end. “

Advocates of the legislation say that Uber and Lyft provide much-needed service to areas under-served by traditional taxis outside Manhattan. They also told the black and Spanish New Yorkers that taxi drivers often needed navigation-packed appliances because they would not stop for them.
“They talk about putting a hat on Uber, do you know how hard it is to get a yellow taxi in New York for black people?” Rev. Al Sharpton tweeted before.

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