Northern New England Storms Leave Many Without Power, Spark Tornado


A day after the rains and strong winds from the storms north of New England, a hurricane burst in New Hampshire and destroyed a historic storm in Vermont.

After Monday afternoon, the storms in New Hampshire distributed power to 63,000 people, cutting trees, lowering power lines, and sending debris flying in many communities. After a tree fell on Nelson’s homes and got help from the American Red Cross, three people were displaced.

Eversource, the state’s largest charity, said on Tuesday about 7,000 customers were without electricity in the early hours. After lunch, this number dropped to less than 4,000.

In Maine, about 10,000 Central Maine Power customers were unoccupied early on Tuesday, but this number fell to over 7,000 after lunch. According to the National Air Service, the wind blew trees and electrical lines upwards, 50 miles an hour. Yıldırım also caused a fire in a detached garage in Baldwin.

WMUR-TV also said that a tornado was reported in Lincoln, New Hampshire. The Air Service confirmed that a hurricane hit a mostly rural area after seeing a twister video on the Facebook page of a walker. It was not clear who was injured.

The Air Service issued three hurricane warnings in New Hampshire, and at the same time, the state announced that a funnel cloud had emerged in the coastal zone.

The meteorologist John Jensenius said, “The hurler himself was very weak, a small hurricane and a wooded area, so he could get out of some trees or branches.” “But something like this will not cause catastrophic damage.”

In Vermont, the storm has left hundreds without power. Barre-Montpelier Times Argus said it was a historic stall in Waitsfield, believed to have fallen between 150 and 175 years old. No animal or human was injured.

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