North Dakota Businesses Hobbled by Trucking Delays


North Dakota operations, based on truck drivers for supplies, are experiencing delays due to compulsory electronic recorders.

According to Bismarck Tribune, the delivery times for Dakota Gasification Co. have doubled or tripled since the Federal Motor Carriers’ Association began requiring electronic recorders for this year’s commercial drivers. Senior logistics manager Nathan Johnson trusts trucks to supply material to the Great Plains Synfuels Plant near Beulah in Dakota Gasification.

“The deliveries we have used in a day are now three or four,” he said, slowing down the plant’s operations.

The devices do not change the service hours that drivers must meet, but it has affected how they are counted. Earlier, Johnson said they would use the loading and unloading hours earlier to meet their download times. But the drivers no longer have this option, because the devices continue to work.

Shannon McQuade-Ely of McQuade’s Distribution said, “It was already difficult to get shipments to North Dakota.”

McQuade-Ely said he would not be able to directly blame the recording devices for a reason, because the Department of Transportation is another factor, such as the physical requirements and the legalization of improper entertainment escapes to drivers. But the devices have seen a bigger difference as they enter into force.

North Dakota’s congressional delegation wanted some relief.

Both US senators in the state have signed the United States Code of Safe Transport. This will exempt the loading and unloading periods after the calculation of the driving hours calculation hours. The legislation will also provide flexibility for resting at any point during the journey to the drivers without precautions against time.

US Representative Kevin Cramer also signed the ELD Extension Act, which will postpone recording equipment for two years.

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