No-Deal Brexit Won’t Be ‘End of the World’: UK Prime Minister


The U.K. can still make a success of Brexit if it tumbles out of the European Union without a deal, Prime Minister Theresa May said, striking an upbeat tone as the clock ticks down on Britain’s departure from the bloc.

Speaking to reporters on the plane as she headed to South Africa on a five-day visit to three African nations, May twice cited World Trade Organization Chief Roberto Azevedo, who told BBC radio last week that trade wasn’t going to stop if Britain and the EU failed to strike a deal. The U.K. last week published 24 documents outlining preparations for such a scenario.
The pound weakened against the dollar after May’s comments and fell to 0.2 percent.

He said to Azevedo, “I will not be the end of the world, but about a situation that seems not to be a walk in the park.” “Since the beginning, I have said that no deal is better than a bad deal.”

As the UK’s planned departure from the EU on March 29 approaches, the government is trying to show that it is prepared for all possibilities. Last week newspapers have recommended that pharmaceutical companies prepare their medicines, exporters for more bureaucracies and consumers to raise money for higher prices on EU goods, the ministers plan to publish in about 80 of them.

May thinks that Britain can get a “good deal” if the government says, “If this is the case, we are preparing to be successful in this matter.”

Dull Appearance
In a letter to the Parliamentary Treasury Selection Committee chairman Nicky Morgan in a letter last week, the Prime Minister’s statements contradicted the bleak outlook of the Exchequer of Philip Hammond Chancellor, saying the failure to reach an agreement would fall by 7.7 percent from the projected economic output. Add 80 billion pounds ($ 103 billion) to the state debt until 2033.

The secretary, in a secret slap, told reporters that Hammond’s numbers were the same as those described as “a work in progress” in January.
Officials say they are working to complete the deal by the end of May, October, and that the US appears to have come up with plans on March 29th, even if an exit agreement could not be finalized until at least November. When asked if he should reach a compromise with the EU to secure the only market access he is looking for, not the goods, the prime minister said there were some problems he could not join the budget.

“Certain things I have explained are not negotiable,” he said. “The end of free circulation is one of them.”

When Britain’s immigration system was asked to differentiate significantly after Brexit, he said, “the definition is necessary because the free movement will end.”

Will meet with South African President Cyril Ramaphosa in Cape Town on Wednesday and Thursday with his Nigerian and Kenyan colleagues in Abuja and Nairobi on Tuesday, May.

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