New York’s AmTrust Appoints Hickey as Group Chief Underwriting Officer


AmTrust Financial Services Inc., a multinational insurance holding company based in New York, has appointed J. Daniel Hickey as group manager.

Hickey is located at AmTrust’s New York city headquarters and reports directly to AmTrust’s president and CEO, Barry Zyskind.

In July 2017, Hickey joined AmTrust as a business strategist and business development vice president. Over the course of the year, Hickey oversaw the company’s business strategy planning function and was responsible for AmTrust’s business development process, identifying and managing key partner relationships and organic business opportunities presented to AmTrust throughout the global business platform.

In his new role, he will oversee the company’s global objectives activities and provide a consistent and disciplined approach to compliance with the company’s strategic objectives.

Prior to joining AmTrust, Hickey served as a global reinsurer, PartnerRe, unit manager and president and chief executive officer of the Standard Lines business unit, where he assumed responsibilities for strategic planning and unit. Prior to PartnerRe, Hickey was at General Reinsurance Corporation, who recently served as president of the North American Treaty Reinsurance and reinsurance solutions to life and health and property and casualty insurance industries.

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