New York Transformer Explosion Lights Sky, Causes Power Outages


A transformer explosion at an electrical plant set the skies above New York City ablaze in an eerie, pulsing blue light Thursday night, causing scattered power outages, delaying flights and sparking a social media storm of jokes about an alien invasion.

The blast prompted a brief fire at a sprawling Con Edison facility in Queens – but no injuries – and a spectacular illumination of the New York skyline that generated a flurry of online commentary.
The explosion affected the metro service in the area and caused a short stop at LaGuardia Airport, which was experiencing a power outage.

Governor Andrew Cuomo, along the East River, near the Rikers Island prison complex and in LaGuardia, described a boyunca major power outage boyunca in the electrical substation across a small bay.

Power was restored to LaGuardia at 11:00 am. and the airport continued normal operations. Travelers were still asked to check with carriers for current flight information.

The lights created excitement on social media when some witnesses published photos and videos of a bright blue flash that filled the night sky. The Manhattan skyline and the iconic East River bridges were suddenly refined against a backdrop of vibrating light.

People flocked to social media to find out what was happening and to share their views on the types of smoke coming out of the transformer.

Gö It was black outside, and then suddenly the whole side of the sky in the east was lit up and changed colors, ı said Madeleine Frank Reeves, who saw the lights on her West Side apartment. ”It took a few minutes.“

Some observers wondered if the aliens had invaded and joked that the gender tendency turned out to be too late. Television presenter Keith Olbermann called the episode “Blue Light Special Televizyon.

Eric Klineberg, a sociologist at New York University, said, under the flashing sky video on Twitter, Twitter something crazy is happening in the sky above Manhattan at the moment New.

Mayor Bill de Blasio’s spokesman, Eric Phillips, tweeted that the lights were attributed to a lar blown transformer Belediye.

Edi Not foreigners, ”Phillips tweeted.

John Tebbett, who lives two blocks from the facility, told NY1 that the blast was followed by loud roaring for five minutes. The explosion said that the lights in his house caused him to shake. Tebbett, an instructor with a local electric union, walked towards the facility to get a better look.

. You could hear the roar and you could see the super white, bright light,. Said Tebbett. Dü Maybe it took about five minutes. As I was watching, someone seemed to have turned off the power, it was dark and quiet. The roar stopped and for a moment it remained silent and then you could hear the emergency vehicles getting in. “

It was the second big event in the last six months for Con Edison. In July, a steam pipe explosion blew asbestos-laden vapors into the air in Manhattan’s Flatiron District, dragging hundreds of people out of their homes and businesses.

Con Edison said on Thursday night Twitter that gec there is a short electric fire in our substation at Astoria, which contains some electrical transformers and causes a transmission wave in the area Con. The facility said on Friday that it had an electrical fault at 138,000. the volt equipment caused a continuous electric arc flash, but en the affected equipment was isolated into a single section within the substation vol.

Con Edison said that he took back all the main transmission lines about the incident and was investigating the reason for the failure.

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