New York Surgeon Sentenced for Nearly $87K Workers’ Comp Fraud Scheme


The Central New York orthopedic surgeon was convicted of carrying out an ongoing plan paying the worker’s compensation system at about $ 87,000.

Dr. Clinton, from N.Y. Gregory B. Shankman was sentenced to imprisonment at the Oneida County Court for two hours, offering a fake vehicle for the second-degree filing for the previous allegation. In his prison, Shankman gave the drug a license and paid a total of $ 86,896. He was sentenced to one year of parole.

“This old doctor enriched himself by doing fraud instead of medicine,” New York State Assistant Inspector Catherine Leahy Scott said in a press release issued by the New York State Workers’ Compensation Fraud Inspectorate. “His criminal activities have allowed him to travel abroad and to go abroad while evoking the most basic needs of his work.”

An investigation by Leahy Scott found that Shankman, who had offices in Utica, NY, cheated the workers’ compensation system, documenting that he had supervised ambitious medical examinations at Utica’s office while traveling outside New York, out of state, and even out of state. The country.

According to the investigation, Shankman was paying simultaneous medical examinations at the Utica bureau, which must be under state law, while the compensation medical examinations of the workers were carried out in offices in the interstate and western New York regions.

The investigation revealed that Shankman had not been on more than 150 separate days in Utica offices between January 2015 and August 2017, and that at the same time, more than one worker documented that he was on duty at the time of overseeing the compensation exam. In most of the days he mentioned he was in the examinations at Utica’s offices, he actually took other exams in the offices near Buffalo and was released.

Shankman has systematically bogus bills for a worker’s compensation provider for medical services to the State Insurance Fund, Oneida State and other insurance companies, third-party managers and self-insured entities.

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