New York Health Officials Investigating Illnesses Linked to McDonald’s Outlet


New York state health officials said on Thursday they were investigating reports of multiple illnesses potentially associated with a McDonald’s Corp restaurant in Jamestown, N.Y.

The state health department and the Chautauqua County Health Department said 22 individuals reported symptoms of nausea, vomiting or diarrhea and on being interviewed 15 said they had eaten various breakfast sandwiches at the McDonald’s outlet between August 4-21.
According to the franchisee, the franchisee temporarily closed the restaurant and paid attention to the food preparation and distribution processes.

McDonald’s was not immediately available for comment.

The company’s shares fell by 1 percent in its operations after it has tasted.

This is the last food security event in the fast food chain in the US for the past two months.

The US Food and Drug Administration is investigating a number of state pandemics of parasitic ciclospora-contaminated salads that intensify McDonald’s 476 people.

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