New M Performance tracks 2019 BMW X5 more athletic


For those who want the new BMW X5 cars to look different, the company now offers a wealth of personalization options with M Performance tracks.
The new package includes sporty exterior and interior components, as well as performance components. To improve the look of the 2019 X5, BMW offers a large number of bright carbon fiber plug-ins. The front bumper M Performance Wing and M Performance front air intake provide a more muscular appearance.

The side-view Matte Jet dominates the black-colored, 20-inch star spoke 748 m light alloy wheels. Interestingly, the wheels Used field-type tires, which is unexpected in a BMW X5. In addition, 22-inch wheels and performance tires can be obtained.
Behind the wheels, the massive BMW Performance 19-inch brake system features internal ventilated and grooved discs and red calipers. Carbon fiber mirror covers and M Performance matte black side skirt extensions with the “M Performance” logo and other features that attract attention on the side. For those who don’t want such a big extension, there are also the more conspicuous Frozen Black plug-ins.

As we move towards the back, we see an M Performance carbon fiber diffuser, as well as a carbon fiber wing. Both elements reinforce the car’s muscular appearance.

The sporty theme continues in the interior with M Performance steering wheel and a special sign at the top of the steering wheel, as well as carbon fiber / Alcantara coatings. The stainless steel pedal covers and M Performance floor mats complement the interior.

Finally, BMW presents the M Performance Drive Analyser system with an OBD device and a smartphone application. The system offers the driver all the driving dynamics data, recording and analysis options. With this technology, it is possible to record journeys with a smartphone camera, and to record the route based on driving data and GPS data. The BMW X5 M will be released in March 2019 with performance components.

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