New Jersey Men, Associated Companies Charged in $1.4M Insurance Fraud Scheme


Four new jersey guys and 6 of their associated companies were charged with first-diploma conspiracy and money laundering in reference to a financial institution scheme concerning the deposit of nearly $1.4 million in phony or solid assessments associated with insurance claims.

Trenton, n.J., residents wayne m. Bessant, reyshauwn barlow, rayshawn kelly and rashon smith and their related agencies – hoffman restoration llc, pleasant manner restoration llc, wayne corporations given that 1981, rapid cash investments llc, jlaw & traders llc, and group of ljnmb&w llc – have been charged in an indictment exceeded by a nation grand jury in trenton.
The defendants allegedly conspired in a scheme to set up numerous phony bank debts in the call of humans’s assets adjusters (ppa), a west deptford organisation that assists insureds in filing claims against property owner coverage policies.

The defendants allegedly used the phony bills to deposit cast insurance payout checks stolen from ppa, and additionally to deposit phony ppa tests purportedly made out to defendant-controlled bank money owed.

The defendants then used the phony debts to move the illicit finances to other bank bills, professional exams and/or different economic devices under the manipulate of the 4 men or agencies associated with them, consistent with the indictment.

The indictment is simply an accusation, and the defendants are presumed harmless till proven guilty.

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