New Jersey Man Pleads Guilty in $74K Insurance Fraud Scheme


An Essex County, N.J., man has pleaded guilty in a scheme to obtain $74,000 in disability payments by submitting dozens of forged documents to his insurance provider.

Major Smith, a former teacher in the East Orange school district, pleaded guilty to second degree insurance fraud during a hearing before Superior Court Judge Alfonse J. Cifelli in Essex County on Monday.
Under the terms of the defense agreement, the state would recommend that Smith be condemned as a third-degree criminal and sentenced to three years’ imprisonment. Smith is scheduled to be convicted in March 2019.

Smith was appointed by the East Orange Board of Education until June 2012, claiming more than two dozen allegations for disability with American Family Life Assurance Company of Columbus (Aflac), which contains forms filled by doctors and / or employers. . Smith sued the alleged false allegations between February 2012 and October 2015 in connection with the alleged injuries in several accidents.

Üs This kind of exploitation of the insurance system is the best example of why New Jersey residents should be called in to the cause of the fraud they see, andır New Jersey attorney general Gurbir Grewal said in a press release. Insurance Fraud Prosecutor (OIFP). Or Insurance fraud increases the cost of premiums for everyone. By working actively to close down the insured thieves, honest policy holders can finally stop paying for the crimes they did not commit. “

The OIFP investigation revealed that Smith imitated his doctors in alleged forms of documentation documenting the alleged treatment of various injuries and injuries alleged to have occurred on various occasions. He also acted as a representative of the East Orange Education Board in claim forms that confirmed his employment in the area, even when he was not working there.

Dı Disability insurance will serve as a financial safety net for individuals who have fallen into difficult times and who don’t have an easy source of cash for criminals, l said Tracy M. Thompson, Insurance Agent Prosecutor. ”The confrontation of this defendant as a result of his prison sentence is evidence that insurance fraud is a serious crime with serious consequences.“

Secretary General Jennifer L. Menjivar represented the state at the defense hearing. Detectives Wendy Berg and Grace Proetta coordinated the investigation.

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